Sharing Our BioRxiv Preprint by Hannah Frye

Excited to share our BioRxiv preprint "Cornichon Homolog-3 (CNIH3) Modulates Spatial Memory in Female Mice.” This study, the first to identify sex-specific effects of the AMPAR auxiliary protein CNIH3 on spatial memory, provides the groundwork for future studies investigating the role of CNIH3 on sexually dimorphic AMPAR-dependent behavior and hippocampal synaptic plasticity.

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Welcome Brian Ruyle

The Moron Lab is more than happy to welcome Brian Ruyle as a Post Doc.

Brian will start in the lab dissecting neuronal circuitry of opioid-induced respiratory depression . To read his bio, click on the link below.

Welcome Brian!

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Jose Moron-Concepcion promoted!

Jose has been officially promoted to the rank of Professor of Anesthesiology, Professor of Neuroscience and Professor of Psychiatry.

Congratulations to Jose for this great and well-deserved achievement!

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Sharing Our BioRxiv Preprint by Sidney Williams

Excited to share our BioRxiv preprint "Hippocampal Activity Dynamics During Contextual Reward Association in Virtual Reality Place Conditioning", in which we used two-photon calcium imaging to examine the neuronal representation of context as animals developed morphine-paired environmental associations using a virtual reality conditioned place preference (VR-CPP) paradigm. We found increased activity in rewarded contexts following real-time operant conditioning with water rewards, but not after Mor-CPP training, suggesting different neural encoding mechanisms for natural reinforcers and morphine.

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Welcome Nisa Ibrahim

The Moron Lab is more than happy to welcome Nisa Ibrahim as a Post Doc.

Nisa will start in the lab with a longitudinal study looking at the changes in the excitability of the hippocampus in the presence of chronic pain. To read her bio, click on the link below.

Welcome Nisa!

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U.S. Surgeon General’s Visit

Washington University in St. Louis hosted special guests HHS Deputy Secretary Eric D. Hargan, U.S. Surgeon General Jerome M. Adams, and Dr. Elinore McCance-Katz, Assistant Secretary of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, to share how researchers are combatting the opioid epidemic. The visitors toured the lab of Dr. Jose Moron-Concepcion, who studies the molecular mechanisms that underlie opioid addiction.

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F1000Prime recommends Lucia Hipolito' paper

We are happy and proud to see that Lucia Hipolito's work published in JNEuro in 2015 has been recommended in F1000Prime as being of special significance in its field!

Feel free to click on the link below to reach this article.

Congrats Lucia! 

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Featured on the News

Strategy to battle opioid epidemic encourages multilevel approach

Washington University pain expert among researchers to author new recommendations

by Jim Dryden July 13, 2017

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Welcome Dominika Burek

The Moron Lab is more than happy to welcome Dominika Burek as a Graduate Student.

Dominika will focus her work, co-mentored by Dr. Ream Al-Hasani, on stress and its influence on negative affects induced by inflammatory pain. 

Welcome Domi

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